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DISCOVER: Historians

There will be a huge history time-line along the corridor from Y1 to Y6. Displays will include classwork but also work children choose to do for homework, about a period of history they are interested in but maybe are not studying. Classes will be able to walk along the corridor, 'through' history and be immersed in the language and the past.  

Each year group link below, will list: the 'sticky facts' we want the children to remember; the key concepts that will be covered; and the outcome at the end of the topic.

INTENT: click here to understand the intent behind our History curriculum 

History concepts: Democracy; Legacy; and Empire will be the whole school concepts threaded throughout topics. Each time a child studies a history unit, their understanding of these concepts will be deepened.

History skills progression: click here to see how history skills are developed across school 

Year 1: Can good come out of bad?  (The Great Fire of London) Sticky Facts

Year 2: Can everyone follow their dreams? (Significant people in the Victorian era) Sticky Facts

Year 3: Should we always do as we are told? (Romans) Sticky Facts

Year 4: Can a community change the world? (Local history-The mills) Sticky Facts

Year 5: Is our home worth fighting for? (Anglo-Saxons and Vikings) Sticky Facts

Year 6: What is it like to live with fear? (World War II) Sticky Facts

Year 6 went on a visit to Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire in November 2024 

They experienced life as an World War II evacuee, went shopping with a ration book and decoded messages.

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