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EXPLORE: Geographers

There will be displays along the corridor from Y1 to Y6. They will include classwork but also work children choose to do for homework, about places and environmental issues they are interested in but maybe are not studying. Classes will be able to walk along the corridor, 'through' the world and be immersed in the language and the environments.

INTENT: click here to understand the intent behind our Geography curriculum

SKILLS PROGRESSION: click here to see how Geography skills will be developed in each year group

KNOWLEDGE: click here to see Geography knowledge covered from Y1-6

Each link below will list: the 'sticky facts' we want the children to remember (including the key concepts covered); and the outcome at the end of the topic.

Year 1: What does it mean to belong? (Focus on Homelessness)   Villages, Towns and Cities  (Belper) Sticky Facts

Year 2: Can we control the weather? (Focus on Climate Change)   Wild Weather (UK)  Sticky Facts 

Year 3: Do we always appreciate what we've got? (Focus on deforestation)  Rainforests Sticky Facts 1 and Rivers (South America) Sticky Facts 2

Year 4: Do we look after the Earth or does the Earth look after us? (Focus on Eco-Warriors)  Trade, waste and plastics (World) Sticky Facts

Year 5: What is the difference between living and surviving? (Focus on Refugees)    Land Use and Settlements  (UK) Sticky Facts

Year 6: Does adversity always make us stronger? (Focus on Natural Disasters)    Volcanoes and Earthquakes  (Europe) Sticky Facts



YEAR 4 Spring Term work

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