Herbert Strutt Primary School

Herbert Strutt Primary School

We Care, Challenge, Achieve and Open Minds

Thornhill Avenue, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1SH

Email: info@herbertstrutt.derbyshire.sch.uk

Tel: 01773 822771



INTENT: It is our intent that all children will learn to think and work as a scientist. Science will be taught in separate year groups, so that specific knowledge, vocabulary and skills are built on, as the child progresses through school.

How we will teach children to be scientists

Science skills progression : how science skills are developed and threaded across school

Knowledge Organisers: each link below lists key vocabulary and 'sticky facts' that we want the children to remember.

Year 1: Every day materials; animals including humans; seasonal changes; plants

Year 2: Uses of everyday materials; living things and their habitats; animals including humans; plants

Year 3: Rocks; light; plants; animals including humans; forces and magnets

Year 4: States of matter; electricity; living things and habitats; animals and including humans; sound

Year 5: Forces; properties and changes to materials; living things and habitats; animals including humans; Earth and space

Year 6: Light; electricity; living things and habitat; animals including humans; evolution and inheritance

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